General Advice on Condom Safety

  • Check that the condom is of good quality.  All Free Condoms products carry the British Safety Standard kitemark and/or CE European Standard safety mark.
  • Check the condom is in date.  Packs of Free Condoms have the expiry date on the front.  For example, the expiry date usually looks like this:  2018/05-31 which means the condom should by the end of May 2018. You can also check each condom before you use it.  They all have their expiry date on the back of the foil.  The expiry date on the foil usually looks like this: 2018/05 which means the condom should be used by the end of May 2018.
  • Use the right size of condom for you.
  • Store your condoms in a cool, dry please such as a drawer or cabinet.  Keeping them in your wallet or pocket over a long period of time isn't a good idea as the heat from your body can damage the condom.
  • Never re-use a condom.
  • Only use 1 condom at a time.  Using more than one condom at a time can create friction and can cause the condom to burst.
  • Use the condom for the whole duration of sexual activity - not just prior to ejaculation.  Small amounts of semen leaked from the penis even before ejaculation could lead to the transfer of STI's or unintended pregnancy.

What to do if your condom bursts, rips or slips