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Size matters

Make sure you use the correct size of condom.  Condoms can split, burst or come off if they don't fit right.

  • A condom that is too large could slip or move during sex.
  • A condom that is too tight could split, tear or burst.

Try out our 'variety pack' if you are new to using condoms or haven't tried anything from the Free Condoms range yet.  The variety pack contains 12 condoms: - 4 standard, 4 larger fit and 4 trimmer fit.  Try them on and see what fits you best.

Here are the sizes for each of the condoms in the range:


A non spermicidally lubricated shaped condom for comfort and feeling.
Length: 190mm,  Width: 54-66mm

Bag Code:
Standard Fit

Larger Fit

A parallel sided non spermicidally lubricated condom, wider and longer.

Length:  200mm, Width: 60mm

Bag Code:
Larger Fit

Trimmer Fit

A parallel sided non spermicidally lubricated condom, slightly snugger for a closer fit.

Length:  180mm, Width: 49mm

Bag Code:
Trimmer Fit

Black Condoms

Black in colour, larger and wider condoms.

Length: 190mm , Width: 55 mm

Bag Code:

Latex Free

Non-latex Condom - Allergy Free.

Length: 190mm , Width: 58mm

Bag Code:
Latex Free

Female Condom

Non-latex female condom.

Length: 190mm, Width: 50-70 mm

Bag Code: